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tanya 3    


A star’s site that’ll have you asking for more.

Tanya Tate is arguably one of the most recognizable names in porn today. She’s a 10 time MILF of the year award winner and as a result is one of the most sought after adult performers around today.

She oozes sex appeal and has acquired quite the fan base, enough so, that shooting for others wasn’t enough to satiate her fans. So, TanyaTate.com came about, this isn’t just some site that got slapped together hastily and gets run by someone else. Tanya, holds the reigns and shows her many talents as an actress, director, and overall savvy businesswoman. If you’re a fan of the star and haven’t run across this site, you’re missing out and we’ll tell you why.

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“Sploshing”…yeah it’s a thing.


“Pie and Coffee is approximately the third best social interaction a man can hope to have with a woman.” ~Unknown


Most men would completely agree with that quote. Although, we’re sure there’s at least some men out there that would disagree.

Click for more; it’s about to get wet and messy!
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 GF pass


Sometimes amateur done right is what you need.

Everyone remembers the height of porn, the women, were beautiful, the scenarios were completely ridiculous and moaning and screaming was off the charts. Now, that description hasn’t changed too much but perhaps that isn’t what people are wanting anymore.

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tushy hm    


The Art of Anal Sex?

Tushy.com is the sister site of Blacked.com and they’ve managed to change the perception on anal sex. It’s not just “anal” or heaven forbid; butt fucking but rather an art. Like their sister site, Tushy has made this genre of porn and the site that showcases it into a high-end, user friendly, erotica website.

After changing one segment in the world of porn, in our own opinion, they saddled up and attacked another, the anal sex segment! Unlike other sites that seem to just feel like attacking and destroying young asses, they bring a different spin.


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Blacked hm


A new take on interracial porn?

Blacked.com is an interesting site, it’s hard not to have heard about it, it would seem that anywhere you go online, if you’re surfing for porn that is, that you’ll see a trailer or a gallery pic from Blacked.

They, in our opinion, have really taken over the space with their take on the market. The interracial site, which deals with the “big black men” with tiny but extremely attractive white women fantasy, seems more like a high-end, glamour erotica site.

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Bang Bros 1

It started with two dudes and a van…but they called it a bus?

What is now known as the Bang Bros network which encompasses plenty of porn sites with plenty of porn niches, started as a simple site years ago; Bang Bus. The concept was simple, two dudes driving around picking up girls, having sex and then dropping them unexpectedly, to the women anyway, off somewhere and then they’d drive off somewhere into the sunset.

Leaving you laughing hard as your boner went soft and you wondered where you had left your tissue. However, nowadays, it’s a behemoth of a site with way more than just Bang Bus material, however, we suspect that Bang Bus is still their big ticket.

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